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Residential Carports & Patio Cover

Whatever your reason for adding a cover to your home or business, choosing the right construction system is the first step. Wood frame covers require more maintenance and their construction can be costly, drawn-out and inconvenient.  Structural aluminum covers install quickly, are more durable, require less maintenance, and can be easily converted to a room enclosure later. Choose from either insulated and non-insulated aluminum covers designed to suit your home and budget. Our aluminum carports and patio covers are available in two attractive roof colors; White & Ivory. These enamel finishes are baked onto metal surface, making them virtually maintenance-free. You can also choose cedar embossed finish to add to your attractive roof style. Long lasting aluminum extrusions are used for the post, framework, and beams and come in two common colors that virtually match any existing structure; White & Bronze. No wood chipping or rotting, no insect infestations that can weaken the structure, and no painting needed for these long lasting powder coated finishes. Imagine what you can do in the comfort of your new patio room or carport. Transform that ordinary space into an inviting retreat with protection for patio furniture or an automobile. Our all-aluminum patio covers mean no deterioration or termite damage. Our attractive, “maintenance free” covers allow you to stay cool on the hottest days, provide excellent rain protection, and block the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Price, Strength & Durability
Make your driveway your own covered parking lot. Our all-aluminum patio covers and carports are built to last. Our carport and patio covers come in a variety of sizes, shapes and styles. Available are premium Elite polystyrene insulated laminated roof panels as well as the more economical aluminum roofs.

Our all-aluminum patio covers and carports are extremely versatile and can be designed for your specific lighting fixtures and ceiling fan needs.

Commercial Carports & Covers

Carports, Walkovers, and Canopies are all built for one purpose: protection from the elements. Structall Building Systems offers the patented Snap-N-Lock™ Panel as well as Roll-formed Products and Extrusions to give you the most design flexibility possible. Our Snap-N-Lock™ insulated panel is perfect for any cover. Not only does the panel provide superior insulative properties, but also creates a smooth, bright, and polished look for your cover. Structall also offers structural posts and beams with roll-formed pan products which can be used in place of panels. Pan covers offer affordability while still maintaining a polished, beautiful cover. Structall covers have been used for both commercial and residential carports, walkovers for schools and offices, as well as canopies and awnings for corporations. Structall covers complement all sorts of building styles and structures.

Diversity of Design
Structall offers a wide range of building materials for making a design as unique and interesting as you can imagine. Contrast different colors, textures, and styles against one another to create a truly unique look for your cover. School Walkcovers –  Are now required by the Federal Government, and structall has affordable solutions for integrating walkcovers into existing school building layouts. Smoking Covers and Common Areas – Are an excellent way to let employees, students, and customers enjoy outside accomodations no matter what the weather. Whatever the purpose of your cover, structall has the solution for your needs.

Protection From The Elements
The weather for your area should be considered when choosing the best building materials for your cover.
Hurricanes and High Winds -  Structall’s Snap-N-Lock™ Panel coupled with posts and beams create a structural cover which can withstand high wind loads and damage from flying debris caused by hurricanes.
Rain, Snow, and Sleet - Keep outside areas free of water and ice by protecting areas with covers.
Sunshine & Heat - Covers provide shade from hot summer days. Using the Snap-N-Lock™ Insulated panel provides superior protection from the heat of the sun. Stock panel, pan, extrusions, and accessories make covers an affordable solution for protection from any weather.

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